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Trio’s Your Chance to Win $1 Million Dollars Terms and Conditions.

The Ultimate DBA Terms and Conditions.

By visiting or viewing our website or ordering from Trio Brothers Trading you agree to acknowledge and be bound by the Terms and Conditions outlined in this agreement.

This Agreement outlines the trading Terms and Conditions bound to all Trio Brothers Trading transactions incorporating, but not limited to: online, fax, phone and email ordering. Furthermore, this agreement outlines specific terms of use applicable to all aspects of our website. The words “Supplier”, “Supplier’s”, “Trio”, “Trio Trading” and “Trio Brothers Trading” refers to Trio Brothers Trading Pty Ltd, of 18 Beal St, Meadowbrook QLD 4131. The words “client” and “clients” refers to registered users, customers, resellers, associates, suppliers or general public visitors to our website. We may amend this agreement at any time at our discretion by posting the amended terms on our website. Unless otherwise stated below, all amended terms shall automatically be effective immediately after they are updated on the website. This agreement may not be otherwise amended except through a written request from you (signed) and agreed by us (signed). This agreement is effective on 5 September 2017. This online merchant is located in Australia.

All trading Terms and Conditions are outlined in the following sections:

1. Governing Law

2. Returns and Credits

3. Credit Notes

4. Credit Accounts

5. Overdue Accounts

6. Freight

7. GST

8. Methods of Payment


The Terms and Conditions of this agreement are governed by the applicable statutory rules and regulations enforced by the Federal Government of Australia and the applicable State Government of the user purchasing the goods.


Credits and/or invoice adjustments will only be made to the client where the following has occurred:

  • Been invoiced incorrectly with reference to the original order.
  • Has received a product of faulty workmanship.
  • Has received incorrect stock with reference to the original purchase order.

Credits will be calculated based on the price on the corresponding invoice.

No direct refund to the client will be made when an account is in credit. Credits must be taken via purchases of Trio Stock.


Credit notes will be processed on the following conditions:

That the client notifies their Supplier’s sales representative who will then submit the approximate credit documentation.

  • The client is required to provide a Supplier’s invoice number.
  • In the event of stock damaged in transit, the client is required to notify the Supplier within (3) business days of receiving the stock.
  • In the event that stock is not received according to listed invoice items, the client is required to notify the Supplier within 24 hours of the goods being received.

Clients shall not return any goods to the Supplier’s Head Office unless prior permission has been granted by the National Sales Manager.

Stock returned to the Supplier which does not comply with the above terms and conditions will be returned to the customer at their own expense.


To apply for a 30-day account, a client is required to complete the Trio Brothers Trading Credit Application form. NOTE: All accounts are payable from date of invoice, NOT END OF MONTH, (unless agreed to by Credit Manager in writing).

  • To open an account, a current Australian Business Number is required and application is approved by the Credit Department.
  • The client accepts a 1-week processing time for credit applications.
  • The client accepts that the first 3 transactions may be payment prior to dispatch, unless agreed to by the Credit Manager.


  • Clients who have been granted a credit account and fail to pay within the agreed terms may have orders held and risk losing their credit account and future orders may be on a payment before dispatch basis. In addition, all invoices on account will become due payable immediately if any invoices exceed the Terms of Credit.
  • Clients who fail to pay an account that is overdue may be passed over to a collection agency. All costs incurred from taking action to recover due monies will be recoverable by the Supplier against the client.
  • All legal action instituted against the client is to be held within the State jurisdiction of the Supplier’s current Head Office.

The Supplier reserves the right to recover unpaid for items of Trio stock from the client’s premises should the client not pay within current Trio Trading terms or becomes insolvent (including under Administration, Liquidation or bankrupt).

Payment agreements may be entered into under certain circumstances, but only on the approval of the Credit Manager.

Should the client sell or close their business, the Supplier must be notified directly and then all monies due on the account will be due payable immediately.


Clients will be subject to freight charges. This fee is variable according to the number of cartons, weight and dimensions of cargo being delivered. Trio Brothers Trading in no way profits from freight charges to clients.

7. GST

Clients who are located within Australia will be subject to a 10% G.S.T (Goods and Services Tax).


a.) Cheque or Money Order

b.) Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), American Express (Amex) are also accepted. However, all cards incur a card fee applicable on the total balance paying.

c.) Direct Deposit (EFT) at any Commonwealth bank in Australia.

Please note that in the event of a dishonoured cheque, a $25.00 finance fee will apply to the account.

Any payments made must have the Remittance Advise provided or faxed through to the office.

Payments may be allocated to accounts at the discretion of the Supplier.

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