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Trio the official Australian distributor of SMOK

Trio Brothers Trading is proud to announce that we are now officially the exclusive Australian distributor of the prestigious SMOK range. Interest in vaping is booming. Vapers are demanding more from their vaping devices and SMOK is answering their calls. With innovation at their core, SMOK’s range of kits, mods, tanks, atomizers and accessories offers vapers a level of customisation, cloud production and flavour intensity unrivalled within the industry.

We currently stock the following popular SMOK products:

  • SMOK QBOX Starter Kit
  • SMOK AL85 Alien Baby 85W TC Starter Kit
  • SMOK Alien 220W TC Starter Kit
  • SMOK T-Priv 220W TC Starter Kit
  • SMOK GX2/4 350W TC Starter Kit
  • SMOK Vape Pen 22

So, what’s so good about vaping anyway?

  • It’s way healthier and safer for you than smoking.
  • It can help smokers quit.
  • It’ll save you a tonne of money.
  • The flavour possibilities are endless.
  • It’s theatrical and fun to use.
  • It’s high-tech and constantly evolving.

A quick run-down on the science behind vapes.

Vapourisers are electronic devices which produce thick clouds of vapour by heating either e-juice, concentrate or dry herb. They consist of a battery, atomizer, tank, mod and drip tip. With an endless amount of e-juice flavours available, ranging from margarita to macchiato, vapes are a highly customisable and marketable product.

To learn more about vapes, or to check out our range of SMOK products, head to